Our Services

Welding & Machines Repair

We could handle to provide repair and maintenance service for all major brand of welding machines such as MILLER, INE, ESAB, PANASONIC, OTC, DAIDEN, KEMPPI, SAF, SELCO and etc. Including plasma cutting equipments. Our advantage is, we could repair up to PCB and its component to reduce / save cost.

Gas Manifold Installation Services

Refzen is one of the best gas manifold contractor in Malaysia especially for Gas Welding i.e. Oxygen, Acetylene, CO2, Argon and Mixed Ar/CO2. We have experienced installing this system to Universities, ILPs, Politekniks, Vocational Training Schools and Fabrication Workshops. Our system is technically and practically best for educational use as well as workshops due to its high safety factor and reliability.

Metal Engineering Fabrication

In engineering field, we are specialized in Gas Welding manifold installation and services, Fume Extraction and Filters System. We also involve in Mechanical Fabrication & Installations, Construction and Engineering works. Our fabrication works covers metal joining and fabrication of component for vehicle such as lorry and truck. Besides that we also could provide repairing expertise on the fabricated products, workshop equipment and tools.